Thursday, September 13, 2007

A Backyard Switchin

Son...I want you to strip, go out back and cut a switch and wait for me......

Pull those draws down...Hands on your head. Gonna whup that butt good!

You've needed this for a long time and I'll give you another switchin if you mess up again!

Now get your butt back in the house and put you nose in the corner till I tell you to move!

Y...Yes sir!


  1. VERY HOT!!! Would love to give a switchin like that again. Love making a boy go cut one and bring it to me!!!!!

  2. It sucks to have to go out and bring back a switch thats gonna be used on your own behind!

  3. i should have whupped u eric with a switch. DA

  4. Well Eric you sound like you've been in that position before. If so tell us about it. If you haven't maybe you need to come see me and I'll have you go cut one!!!!

  5. Thank goodness I havn't had to go cut a switch but it sounds like people are lining up to give me one!

  6. nah Eric u can just lay on the bed i give u a good whupping with my belt D.A