Tuesday, September 4, 2007

No More Please

Daddy...Please no more I promise I'll be good....Sniff Please stop! I can't take any more. I'm to old for a whuppin I can't believe your doing this to me..sniff!
Boy, your learning that your never to old for a whuppin...and when you mess up while still living in this house that butts gonna get whupped! I'll stop when I think you learned your lesson and I'm not even close to that....now move your hands....your getting extra for covering up! If you keep complaining I'll get the hairbrush and put you across my lap like a 8 year old.......and I know how much you hate that! Whap, Thwak....ahhhhhhh!


  1. LOL!Eric2,Surfing the backblog again! The photo you posted to go with the caption is priceless! How many of us growing up thought we were too old to get spanked, only to be proven wrong by our parents!I remember being in junior high school and getting bad grades with the rest of my classmates, all of us expecting buttwhuppings when we took our pink slips home that evening. I still even recall bruthas getting parental buttwhuppings in high school! Sometimes the dads would come up to the school to whup their son's butts,even when they are on the varsity football/basket ball team! Yeah, and to say"Please! No more!" would usually only ensure that your azz is going to get spanked longer,just for saying that! Most parents spanked you until they felt like stopping,not when you wanted them to stop!and Heck! put your hands in the way to try to shield your butt, meant that those hands would get scorched by that switch,paddle , hairbrush or belt instead of your azz, which would hurt just as bad, and earn you more licks anyway, Right???

  2. Damn Ayejay that strap stung pretty bad but that hairbrush was a concentrated sting! If your smart you better move those hand and take the strapping because you don't wanna feel that brush on top of those welt! Daddy never had a set number of licks either.....you were gonna get it until he thought you learned your lesson....and then maybe a little more!

  3. Damn! That is one hot picture. Eric, I agree with you on the number of whacks. My dad never had a certain amount. Once his belt came off, I never knew when it was going to end. I would scream, cry, beg, and promise to be good forever. I'm not sure that ever did any good, though. The spanking was over when my dad decided it was over. I don't know if it would have been any better if I knew in advance how many more licks were coming. At least by not knowing, I could also hope that the last one I had gotten would be the last one of all.