Thursday, September 6, 2007

My Uncles


By Eric

I have two Uncles.....Uncle Calvin and Uncle Ray. They were my dads brothers. I got along aiight with them until recently. My dad had to go away for a few days and told me I had to go stay with them until he got back.....I argued with him and said I was 16 now I can handle myself for a few'on dad...please? He stood there thinking for a few minuets and said.....ok Sean...but I’m gonna have your uncles check in on you and I gave them permission to take care of you if needed. I knew exactly what that meant but I tried to play it off. Aiight dad thanks. I was hyped ...yeah man I thought to the place to myself! Be home by 10 and no visitor at all....understood? Yeah probs....If I get any bad reports on you you behind is mine! A almost laughed out loud when he said that because he had not spanked me in a long time but when I saw he wasn’t kidding I said I’ll be good dad. Ok Sean I’ll be leaving pretty early so I won’t see ya until I get back.....we hugged and he gave me a playful slap on the behind...night son....night dad! My uncle Ray called me the next morning to check on me....we chatted for a few minutes and he told me they would be over tonight. Aiight uncle Ray...see you then. My uncles were around quite abit ....they only lived a few blocks away. When my dad told me that they would take care of any problems he meant that they were allowed to whup my butt.....Damn I thought .....I gotta try to avoid that if I can. For some reason over the years my Uncles would just happen to be around when I was getting my butt tore up! They have witnessed me getting my bare ass spanked many time and even done it themselves once. I think they had some kind of obsession with my behind! They came over later that night and we had some pizza and watched a movie. They had a few beers ...I tried to talk them into to giving me some but they wouldn't. My uncles started getting pretty loud as they always do when they drink....I was getting mad and told them to be quiet because I couldn't hear the movie and then I finally just told them to shut up! Oh shit I thought to myself.....I got up to go to the bathroom and I heard uncle Ray say....did he just tell us to shut up? Cal looked back at him and said yeah man....what you gonna do about that? I think that boy needs some attitude adjusting......when he comes back I’m gonna whup that big behind of his! I was in the bathroom cussing at myself for what just happened. I’m gonna just go out there and go on up to bed like nothing happened. I came out of the bathroom and headed up the stairs hollering goodnight to my uncles on my way..... “Sean” I heard Uncle Ray call.......Damn I thought......I came back down the steps into the living room......My uncle was standing there with his belt out of his pants holding it. I just started apologizing right away...Yo uncle Ray I’m sorry and I won’t ... He stopped me and told me that I was gonna get a good whuppin for that and there was nothing I could do to stop it. He told me that my dad has been to lite on me lately and you need this. Sean get those pants and drawz down and don’t make me tell you twice....I knew arguing would just make it worse so I just did what they wanted. I pulled them down just below my ass and stood there waiting.....Up against the wall boy! I stood there waiting with my ass on display.....I told myself that I would just take it and not even make a sound. Well after about the tenth smack of the belt I started to really hurt! I think this made my uncle even more mad because he was really laying into my butt bad! Ahhhh...I finally yelled...whap , whap, Smack! I kept pressing myself into the wall trying to escape but that wasn’t working to well....Ahhhh....please I’m sorry...well So much for my plan! Then Uncle Ray stopped....tears were running down my face as I reached down for my pants. Whoa there’s not over...Cal, your turn! He handed the belt to his brother....No way...cmon Uncle Ray...I’ve had ass is hurting bigtime...No.....!
Whap.......Ahhh....I reached back but he just pulled my arm out of the way and whupped me 20 more times before he was done. I was crying like a little baby rubbing my sore ass all the way to my room. I just wanted to forget the whole night. I got up the next morning....My ass was still sore and would be for a day or two....I went downstairs but no one was uncles must have left last night. I was hoping to keep the events of last night to myself so my dad won’t give my ass another whuppin but I spoke to soon....later that day my dad called to say he would be home tomorrow....ok kewl dad. I spoke to your Uncles this morning (Oh Shit) Look dad it’s not that big a deal.....Sean..they said you were being disrespectful to them....but dad they were a little drunk and being loud so I told them to shut up. Sean when I get home were gonna have a long talk.....Dad they already you don’t have to! No Sean You know how I’m gonna take care of this so be prepared. His dad hung up the phone and thought about having to give his boy a good whuppin when he got home.....and he also thought about the other two whuppins he was gonna give to his two younger brothers for drinking and getting drunk when they were supposed to be watching out for his son. Maybe I’ll whup them all together......just a thought.

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