Saturday, September 15, 2007

Paddled Good

A nice round butt got paddled real good!


  1. Ummmm! Love it, Eric2! Thank you for the photo of that big,full,beautiful, black butt with those melon sized protruding,round buttcheeks! I am in "azz heaven"! Let me at that azz so I can spank the sh** out of it! and take me time and savor every moment of it,Too!?Eric Man, I salute you as the "Connoisseur" of fine black azzes!"I think that could be another candidate for for your Hall of Fame, Don't you agree???

  2. Hell yeah Ayejay! I'm gonna have to make a folder and start dropping all the best ass pic's in and then at some point post them all and maybe vote on the best....even though it would be impossible to choose!