Saturday, September 15, 2007

Pull those Panties Down!

Pull them panties down boy....there not protecting anything anyway!


  1. LOL! Eric2, with a hot photo like that and the caption you chose to go with it, I couldn't resist making a comment! Yeah, I'd love to tell the seductive looking brutha in the picture,"Quit your grining and drop your linen",( so I could redden that plump firm fine azz some more!)Being butt naked is the way I prefer to spank someone, anyway. Who doesn't want to spank a bare azz instead of a clothed one???But bruthas also would prefer to make you feel more embarrassed by calling your briefs/drawers,"panties". (LOL)Outside of my own family, I'm not sure that young men still get bare azzed buttwhuppings/spankings today!Although this is what I feel they deserve! The humiliation of having your bare butt exposed added to the pain of the spanking. Even more so, if you had to strip naked down to your birthday suit.It was one thing getting a bare azz buttwhupping from a male adult, but even more embarassing if your bare butt got spanked by a female adult, such as your mother, aunt or grandmother,etc.!I know that for some old-fashioned,traditional parents,both black and white,to whom a spanking isn't a spanking unless it is given "butt naked"!I and my friends have often heard parents say,"Get them clothes off!/Drop your pants!" I am spanking your azz, not no denim jeans,cordoroy pants,"etc! Back when I was in junior high school,most of my classmates commented that this was the way their parents preferred to spank them at home!And in my black greek college fraternity, during hell week, as pledges we were required to strip "butt-naked" in front of the big brothers, which we did so, reluctantly while were blindfolded! The big brothers would bark" Strip!take all of yoh shit, off!" We would reply"Everything, Big Brother???" in a pleading voice(fearing for our vulnerable naked butts while blindfolded in a room of freaky black college men)The big brothers would answer us,"Pledge, did you hear me stutter? Damn it! I said take off everything! I want to only see assholes and elbows, Now!!!"Of course you could get paddled if you took too long undressing yourself,(which can be difficult to do while you are blindfolded and knowing all those eyes were staring at you !)Of course you could get individual smacks and pinches on your butt at anytime while blindfolded and never knew who did it, too!God help you if they knew it was your birthday, too!(LOL!)Also to further embarrass these naked pledges, you could be asked to bend over and spread em! The main thing that kept us pledges going, was the fact that soon we would become full fledged frat brothers and get to dish this out to some new pledges, ourselves! By the way, Eric if you are interested in pledging, we can arrange a private pledge meeting for you!(lol)Thanks for the pictures, Man!

  2. Ayejay....If I pledged your frat I would never be able to sit down! To be stripped and spanked by an older male is a humiliating and traumatic event for a boy and that is a big part of the punishment itself! I agree with you that it doesn't happen alot these days but it should!